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Product Image UNIBODY • Stuby Unibody Bike Polo Mallet Head (NEON GREEN)

UNIBODY • Stuby Unibody Bike Polo Mallet Head (NEON GREEN)


The Fixcraft Stubby head is an all new design for 2016. In short, it's our highly popular Tournament head shortened to 4.5" in length. 

The Stubby head clocks in at only 75 (+/- 5 grams). The low weight is achieved by running 2.5mm straight walls, and shortening the reinforced center to save precious grams. The open end is reinforced with a deep chamfer for more contact and control when hitting with the open end. It is designed to be more angled than the curvature of a ball, so scooping at high speeds does not create bounce back, but still be effortless. Seriously, scooping is second nature and requires no skill. The extra reinforced area also helps longevity and keep it's shape better.  

Branding utilizes a 0.5mm x 10mm recessed band on the closed end so you know which side is which at a glance. You can drop paint, tape, stickers of your choice in there as well as your head wears. 

The Stubby model uses fixcraft's brand new "Durolast" high end 4 million molecular weight UHMP-PE plastic. This is the longest lasting UHMW-PE formula on the market. 

The 75 gram Stubby model uses as little High impact plastic as possible for weight savings. It is designed to meets the high standards and needs of top level players. We recommend the Pick Up model for new players, and players that want a longer lasting model where weight and fatigue in high stress situations are not the top priority. 

• 63.5 mm (2.5") outer diameter with weight saving inside wall design 
• 114.3mm (4.5″) long 
• 6.35 mm thick hitting surface at cap 
• High end "Durolast" 4 million molecular weight UHMW-PE construction exclusive to Fixcraft  
• 3 predrilled mounting positions for longevity 
• 75 (+/-5) Grams