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Product Image Fixcraft 120 (poe) Single Speed Cartridge Hub

Fixcraft 120 (poe) Single Speed Cartridge Hub


The all new Fixcraft Core Cartridge hub is a huge leap for players that want every advantage available to reduce their bike’s limitations, and focus solely on their game.

The all new Core Cartridge hub features120 points of engagement. This means nearly instant engagement the second you put pressure on your cranks. To put this in perspective, most standard freewheels have 36 points of engagement. The insanely popular White Industries trials freewheel has 72 points of engagement.

We also made it tough, featuring the same custom designed shell forged out of 6061 T6 aluminum then CNC machined to a high tolerance finish as our other offerings. We then upgraded to an alloy female axle with chromoly bolts that will take a 17 flat wrench or metric 6 hex key on the end. These are low profile, and you have 2 ways to get your wheel swapped in a pinch on the court. The cone nuts are cnc machined out of 7075 t6 aluminum with steel inserts for added durability. Each hub comes equiped with top notch japanese sealed cartridge bearings as well.

The mini driver is shimano compatible, and is single speed only. We bypassed loading multiple cogs up on our hub to get those flanges as far apart and symmetrical as possible. This is a single purpose hub, and that purpose is to win by being faster and tougher than anything else out there. The entire hub is serviceable, with a full fixcraft warranty.

We have been testing this hub on the courts quietly since 2013 on some of the most destructive players out there. We are confident that this is the missing piece competitive players have been looking for.

• 120 spacing only for 2015
• Shimano compatible cog not included
• 48 hole pattern
• fully serviceable driver system
• 425 grams
• Comes in Black or Pewter
• High quality build
• Top notch Japanese sealed cartridge bearings (10mm x 26mm x 8mm)
• Hub flange diameter: 51.5 mm
• Hub center to flange drive side: 30.5 mm
• Hub center to flange non-drive side: 32.5 mm
• Spoke hole diameter: 2.5mm