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Product Image Fixcraft Connect Kit

Fixcraft Connect Kit


In development for nearly a year, the Fixcraft connect system is the most ambitious project we have ever undertaken. You would think that connecting a mallet head to a shaft would be easy, but it's suprisingly not. There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed with this type of product. 

First and foremost it has to keep the head secure, then stop your shaft from pushing through the mallet head after continued use. Fixcraft connect addresses all of these issues while remaining crazy light, non-proprietary* (you can make it work on nearly any shaft), easy, reusable, and safe (no sharp teeth).

Included in kit. 
1 steel bolt (4.3 grams) 
1 custom cnc machined 6061 aluminum cleat (3.5 grams) 

* This Add on kit works with Fixcraft brand shafts out of the box with NO customization. You can also use this model on any pole that is threaded or has a drop nut with metric 6 threading by filing a 4mm wide notch to fit the cleat.

* Compared to filed teeth options from our competitors or DIY builds, the cleat is a superior choice, and here’s why. 
Taper: With Fixcraft, you keep 100% of the original taper on an extruded shaft. A whopping 12″. Toothed poles have an average of 5″ or so of taper at the end. Where did your last pole break?

Weight: It makes sense that a toothed pole would have no added weight, but in reality the bolt inserted into the pole weighs around the same as our cleat or more.

Head choices: Tooth interfaces work best on thick walled heads, but with the Fixcraft connect, your options are near limitless.