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Product Image Guardian V3 Unibody Bike Polo Mallet Head

Guardian V3 Unibody Bike Polo Mallet Head


Designed by the Guardians from the ground up, this Unibody design is the third evolution to the highly popular Guardian Design. 

The Guardian maintains it's classic 2.375" outer diameter, and 5" length that Hardcourt Bike Polo was built on. The Guardians swear by the slightly smaller diameter for more accurate shooting and getting underneath the ball better. 

The new V3 model updates include a longer taper on the inside dimension of the Hitting end for more power transfer. The chamfer has a steeper angle for less contact with the ball during fast ball play, while still scooping effortlessly. We also put the incredibly popular light touch texture on the hitting surface pioneered by the Means and Fixcraft early 2015.

Fixcraft uses an incredibly durable UHMW-PE called Durolast in all of our bike polo mallet head construction. It's a name brand, 4 million molecular weight plastic. The difference between a Fixcraft Durolast made mallet and standard plastic others use is like night and day. 

• 60mm (2.375") OD 
• 127MM (5") Length 
• Textured hitting surface 
• Chamfer open end for scooping 
• 3 mounting positions for longevity 
• Durolast high end UHMW-PE construction exclusive to Fixcraft 
• +- 75 Grams